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Learn How To Build An Online Brand In As Little As 30 Days, Create An Online Income And Take The Steps To Obtaining Financial Freedom

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Who Is This For?

Our boot camp can be used in a wide variety of industries and niches. Whether you're an influencer & author, or just an individual or organization getting started in the realm of online branding, this boot camp is for you! If you're new to this world, then you'll learn all the in's and out's of building or becoming an online brand and audience from the ground up. If you're already in the wonderful world of online branding, then you can use this boot camp to either expand your current branding checklist, or to create a workflow for all your future projects. This is specifically designed for beginners, and is NOT meant to be an expert level, intensive course. If you just want to get started in becoming a brand and increasing your earning potential, then you've come to the right place!

What Will You Learn?

You'll learn how to become a brand, on a budget! After completing Budgetpreneur's Build Your Brand Boot Camp, you'll have all the necessary skills to create an online brand with a foundation to build on. If you decide to complete the companion assignments, then you can expect to have your brand built and ready to go live. Learn all the foundations of building a brand, from creating a style guide to scaling and automating income streams. We'll discuss hardware, software, digital assets, websites, marketing and MUCH more! If you need more than 30 days, don't worry, you'll have access to the content for the lifetime of this program! Learn more below.


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30-Day Brand Building Email Campaign

100+ Brand Building Transcribed Lessons

30 Days of Brand Building Assignments

100+ Brand Building Video Lessons

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120-Page Budgetpreneur Branding Journal

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Access To The Budgetpreneur Podcast

30-Day Brand Building Email Campaign

100+ Brand Building Transcribed Lessons

30 Days of Brand Building Assignments

100+ Brand Building Video Lessons

Downloadable Audio Lessons

Downloadable PDF Lesson Files

120 Page Budgetpreneur Branding Journal

11 oz. Budgetpreneur Coffee/Tea Mug

T-Shirt Of Choice From Our Swag Store

Make Money Referring Friends

Here's A Preview Of The Lessons:

Preparing to Build Your Brand

Before any brand is built, it's always good to lay a foundation and roadmap. This will prevent you from getting lost down a rabbit hole of endless decisions.

Productivity Tools To Keep You Efficient

One of the biggest mistakes I ever made, was being inefficient when it mattered most. Here are some of the best tools to keep you focused and productive.

Online Income Options That Suit You

While making money online sounds like a great plan for most people, there are many different income options to be aware of. Here are a few of our favorites.

Income Streams To Meet Your Goals

Not all online incomes are created equal. Depending on your goals, you may need to diversify your online portfolio and tap into multiple income streams. 

Considerations & Anticipated Costs

While we'll always talk about budget friendly options, there still are costs to be aware of. Not only that, but you'll want to consider a few things before starting.

Best Hardware For Online  Brands

We'll go over our favorite hardware for becoming a brand on a budget! From cams & mics, to comps & accessories, we'll show you the best hardware.

SaaS (Software) For Online Brands

There's nearly an application for anything these days. We'll discuss the free to low cost options that will suit most online brands when starting out.  

Your Brand Name & Mission Statement

This seems like an obvious lesson, but there are many factors to consider before crafting a brand name and mission statement that suits your venture.

Colors, Fonts & Tone Of Voice

The colors, fonts & tone of your branding can make or break your public persona. We'll talk about covering all your bases before growing a brand to remain consistent. 

Creating Your Brand & Style Guide

To stay true to your course, a brand and style guide are important. We'll build one together, and give you an important resource to refer to while growing any brand.

Creating Logos, Graphics & Identity

A good logo goes a long way. Good branding goes even further. We'll discuss all the factors you should consider when designing or sourcing logos and graphics.

Legal & Financial Aspects To Consider

We do not offer legal advice. However, it's good to know where things may require more thought in regards to publishing information and accepting payments. 

Images, Music & Stock Footage

Content is king, and it requires fresh imagery and brand appeal. We'll discuss the FREE and/or budget friendly websites to stock up on digital assets.

Designing & Building Your Website

Depending on your goals and functionality, you'll want to build and brand your website accordingly. With countless options available, which do you choose?

Creating A Social Media Presence

Nowadays, social media will directly affect public opinion of your brand. Learn what you need to do in order to build and maintain the ideal social media presence.

Strategizing Your Pricing Spectrum

So many people are stumped by what to charge for their products or services. Here, we'll discuss some of my favorite pricing strategies to get you started.

Designing Brand Communications

Communication is an integral part of maintaining brand identity and reputation. Learn how to design your interactions with potential customers. 

Integrating Multiple Branding Tools

The vast majority of online brands don't simply use one platform. How do you make them all work together nicely? Well, let's go over your integration options!

Automating Your Website & Income

You can't have a passive income if you have to work endlessly to make your online brand function. Learn how automating your brand can save time AND money.

Creating Fresh & Consistent Content

People don't just want consistent content, they want fresh content. How do you maintain that pace? Learn simple tips for creating consistent content. 

Growing Your Audience From 0

Building a list is crucial, but where do you start if you have nobody subscribed? We all have to start somewhere, and it's easier than you think to build a list.

Nurturing Your Customers

Once you have subscribers, you can't just leave them hanging. Sure, content is great, but remember that value is crucial if you want to increase conversion rates. 

Simple, Yet Effective SEO Strategies

We're not going to make you an SEO power agency. However, we'll show you how to make search engines LOVE your website, without spending thousands.

Simple, Yet Effective Marketing Strategies

What makes people interested in your brand? How can you grab their attention? Where can you find them? Let's talk about marketing your brand. 

Observing, Learning & Adapting

Just because your website is live and functioning, doesn't mean your brand will stand the test of time. It's time to observe your audience, and adjust accordingly. 

Special Offers & Promo Schedules

Most months of the year have more than one excuse for having a special offer. Why wait to plan something you can build and automate months in advance?

Maintaining Your Brand Composure

Once your brand begins interacting in the public eye, you'll want to maintain your composure and keep personal issues out of your brand's identity. 

Costly Mistakes To Avoid... At All Costs 

I've learned so many lessons, most of which were costly and time consuming. I'll tell you what NOT to do, in order to have the greatest time building your ideal brand!

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